5 step guide to managing suppliers effectively

Keeping supplier information up to date is key to managing risk and maintaining relationships with quality, well-priced suppliers. Our 5-step guide will equip you with everything you need to know about managing suppliers and meeting the essential criteria to build an effective supplier management process.

Supplier management guide front cover

Prioritise the way you manage suppliers

After the disruption caused to supply chains during the Covid-19 pandemic, this presents an opportunity to review the way you manage your suppliers and the process behind it. Digitalisation is an essential step to take in making the process more resilient, collaborative and easier to update.

Key takeaways

What is supplier management?

Defining exactly what supplier management is and why it’s important.

Supplier identification and onboarding

Starting at the beginning of the supplier lifecycle.

Setting KPIs and monitoring performance

Identify key performance indicators for your supply chain.

Collect and store data

Securely centralise and manage important information.

Manage relationships

Interact and record communications with your suppliers.

Manage risk, diversity and compliance

Dig into every aspect of risk related to supplier management.

Download our 5 step guide to managing suppliers effectively

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