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Elevate each aspect of healthcare quality management with Q-Pulse, our next-generation Quality Management Software. Leverage the power of technology to ensure excellence for every patient, every time.


Q-Pulse Healthcare Edition

Our quality management software, Q-Pulse, is employed by three quarters of the UK's National Health Service (NHS), as well as Nuffield Health, Spire Health and many healthcare organisations across the world. We pride ourselves on optimising patient care outcomes, improving accountability and raising the bar high when it comes to clinical standards and efficiency.

Enhance confidence and reliability

Improve processes and outputs by ensuring everyone is working to the latest version of SOPs and work instructions.

Demonstrate evidence-based decisions

Make decisions that are based on quality data and support them with a complete audit trail.

Establish reliable results

Guarantee credible results by analysing quality process activities and pinpoint emerging risks.

Improve policy management procedures

Ensure the right information is accessible throughout the organisation.

Improve quality and patient safety

Continually improve safety by developing and encouraging adherence to best practice.

Digitally evolved for tomorrow's threats

Our Q-Pulse software is supporting the healthcare industry to build a digitally evolved and resilient future in the face of new, and ever-changing, cybersecurity threats.

Supported by robust and multi-level security, the software empowers employees to work remotely without sensitive data breaches and threats to patient privacy.

Satisfy your regulators and ensure only the latest SOPs are followed

ISO 9001

Gain ISO 9001 certification and ensure standardised levels of quality are applied throughout your organisation.


Ensure you meet the FDA standards for safe and effective products.


Feel confident that you comply to the latest MHRA standards for all medicines and medical devices.


Demonstrate the safety of pharmaceutical products and validate their adherence to GxP regulations.

Quality management system

Having a robust quality management system (QMS) is critical in the healthcare industry to ensure quality of care and patient safety. 

Over the last few decades, quality management has moved beyond helping organisations comply with regulations and standards to helping them improve their services and operational efficiencies. It is now supporting a broader shift in the healthcare industry towards making the best use of data to improve processes, preventing undesirable events and strengthening organisational reputations.  

EHS management

EHS software helps you to achieve regulatory compliance and manage risks while increasing operational performance. It helps you to surface, analyse and report Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) data and create a culture of reporting and accountability.

Training and competence management

Ideagen Academy is our state-of-the-art training software provides a stimulating variety of interactive demos, activities and assessments that encourages your employees to become self-sufficient learners, saving your organisation valuable time and money.

Issues reporting and management

Our incident management software solutions are the next generation for incident reporting in healthcare, creating and improving a culture of reporting and shared learning. To gain invaluable insights and to make informed decisions, organisations require accurate and up-to-date information.

Q-Pulse provides Nuffield Health with a central database for pathology compliance

Nuffield Health identified a need for a central, electronic quality management system (QMS) to help them achieve and maintain their compliance responsibilities across their 13 UK hub labs. Learn how Ideagen helped them replace labour intensive and paper-based processes.
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