Air Austral consolidates quality, safety and security with Ideagen's help

For airlines around the world, managing multiple quality and safety standards without a centralised and standardised framework is extremely difficult. In consolidating a systematic and holistic approach to quality and safety, professional services from Ideagen enabled French airline Air Austral to upgrade their Q-Pulse system efficiently and effectively.

Based in St Denis, RĂ©union, Air Austral operates scheduled and non-scheduled services from RĂ©union, transporting more than 700,000 customers each year, and was recently voted fifth in a list of global airlines by readers of the French magazine ‘Que Choisir’.

In complying with EU-OPS 1, EASA Part-145, JAR-FCL, Part M and IOSA at its base in Roland Garros Airport, St Denis, Air Austral overhauled their quality and safety system through Q-Pulse, including implementation and training from the solution’s developers.


  • Safety, Quality and Security integrated into one system
  • Significantly reduced administrative paperwork
  • Simple and efficient way to have a system compliant with all CAA requirements, such as EU OPS, Part-145 and M and JAR FCL, as well as IOSA

It was clearly the correct choice in allowing Ideagen to perform our system upgrade and user training.

Gael Brain - Quality Manager
Air Austral

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