Doncasters Group Ltd achieve centralised and enhanced quality management with Q-Pulse QMS

Doncasters Group Ltd required a quality management solution which would successfully bring together all of their business processes and allow them to be managed from one central and electronic system. Since initial implementation, the software has been expanded within the Doncasters Group. From its initial Bramah installation, they now have four sites in the UK using the software extensively to manage tasks such as non-conformance management as well as the tracking of maintenance, recalls and calibration data.


• Human issues from manual management of quality are removed – with tasks being automated all over the business
• Tracking of historical data in the system is essential for standing up to regulatory scrutiny
• Easily identify root causes and mitigate them by drilling down into certain data in the system
• Ease of configurability means that old, manual ways of working have been replicated electronically
• Tracking of training requirements with automatic reminders ensures all staff are properly trained and knowledgeable for their job roles

The product has taken a lot of the human issues out of quality management and this has resulted in an increase in quality levels – as well as an awareness of quality in general – at all of our sites currently using the system.

Peter Rowe - Vice President of Quality

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