Kingspan Implements Q-Pulse as a Centralised System to Improve Compliance Across Multiple Sites Worldwide

With innovation at the heart of every product, project and through every stage of the manufacturing process, it is essential for Kingspan to consider quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) legislation & compliance throughout every decision. Being audited against ISO standards, a system was required to bring together Kingspan’s QHSE management into one centralised, cohesive solution for all sites to access.

Kingspan have multiple sites across the globe and are expanding. Working across 5 continents with over 11,000 employees, Kingspan must ensure that they are able to comply with legislation in the various locations in which they operate. They needed a system that would help employees understand the legislation and check they are compliant against each.


  • A centralised, shared management system across multiple sites around the world for Quality, Health, Safety & Environment.
  • Track, monitor and manage incidents effectively through one system with the ability to assign actions to individuals.
  • A regularly updated legal register specific to requirements of the locations of all sites.
  • Enables people on site to understand legislation and standards and their requirements.
  • Allows Kingspan to demonstrate compliance easily and timely across multiple ISO standards.

Q-Pulse is a very powerful tool providing secure document management, one area to secure and manage incidents and allowing all sites to share documents across the globe.

Paul McGowan - HSE Divisional Manager

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