HepcoMotion future proof the company by upgrading to Q-Pulse

HepcoMotion is a world-leading manufacturer of linear motion systems and automation components. As leaders in the field, HepcoMotion has witnessed a year on year growth for their services. The company expects this growth to continue and recognised a need for software that supports their delivery of high quality products.

As users of Workbench, the use of software was limited to the Quality Department. After attending an Ideagen user conference, HepcoMotion recognised the potential that Q-Pulse presented for the whole company.


  • Integrate quality, document control, training, audits and change control in one easy-to-use system
  • Save time, resources and make it easier to meet customer demand
  • Configurable system that is aligned to business need
  • Easy transition supported by Account Manager and technical team

"Q-Pulse has been a force multiplier. With Q-Pulse I am able to do more and do it faster. Because the software is customisable we have been able to create templates and workflows that fit with how our business actually works."

John Burrows - Group Quality Manager

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