Q-Pulse helps BT stay in touch with auditing and document management

BT Group plc is a global telecommunications services company with over 98,000 employees worldwide. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, it is the largest telecommunications services company in the world.

By working with both the Audit Planning Programme and Audit Tracking systems, BT Group had been using two separate databases to manage them. However, these databases were old, beginning to encounter problems and both were not linked together in the way that BT required.

BT Group recognised that what they needed was an easily accessible application that managed all parts of their auditing processes from beginning to end, in one central location. It also had to be usable to the auditing community.


  • ‘Excellent’ configuration capability allowed BT to replicate several old systems in Q-Pulse, a painless transition
  • Introduction of a standardised approach to quality across lines of the business
  • Software flexible enough to change when processes do
  • Simplified reporting to senior management, providing visibility of business performance to the top level
  • Amount of time tracking & closing corrective actions significantly decreased, reducing costs in the process
  • Different lines of the business using one database, but operating separately within it
  • One stop shop for audit scheduling, tracking & findings management

All in all Q-Pulse has been a revelation since we implemented the software.

Chris Beynon - Operate Lead Quality Partner
BT Plc

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