Q-Pulse helps Luxembourg Air Rescue increase productivity and ensure safety

Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR) operates a quality and safety management system to maintain compliance, the highest standards of quality and to pursue its policy of process and performance improvement throughout the organisation. To these ends, LAR is subject to a regime of regular internal and external audits and is also certified to ISO 9001:2008 (HEMS, Air Ambulance, Maintenance, Medical, as well as Administration).

Prior to implementing Q-Pulse with Safety Reporting and Investigation in 2012, LAR managed compliance and safety via multiple databases and spreadsheets. LAR was already safe and compliant, but the challenge was to raise efficiency and to transform these business processes to make life easier for staff and to improve operational performance.


  • Stakeholder confidence means it’s easier to win and retain customers such as insurance companies
  • Improved productivity through better business processes for compliance and safety management
  • Ease and efficiency in achieving and maintaining compliance against complex regulations and standards
  • Increased assurance and comfort that operations are safe

Using Q-Pulse has allowed us to increase the volume of work achieved with no increase in staff. We have improved workflow and communication between operational departments as well as the overall quality of work and our compliance to regulations. There has been an increase in satisfaction of customers and external auditors including the our national authority and our ISO certifying body.

Jérôme Pin - Project & Business Development Manager
Luxembourg Air Rescue

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