Quality Management Software for Manufacturing

Our quality management software for manufacturing ensures your business adheres to operational standards


Our manufacturing quality management system solutions make it easy for organisations to maintain operational integrity in line with standards such as ISO 9001: 2015. Q-Pulse helps take the labour and bureaucracy from quality and compliance management, providing control, efficiency and transparency.


Q-Pulse Manufacturing Edition

Get the most complete picture of your supply chain and demonstrate that your quality processes are compliant with industry standards. Continually improve production processes to create safe and high-quality products, manufactured to customer specifications.

Have a single, accessible source of truth for how your business operates showing quality processes are compliant

Strengthen reputation with customers, regulators and certification bodies by providing evidence that correct actions have been taken and procedures followed

Improve supply chain resilience to ensure effective production and supply of goods to customers

Understand where quality issues usually arise and take action to minimise disruption

Manufacture products and parts with the right tools, to the right specifications

Give confidence and clarity on requirements and lead times so you can deliver on time and under budget

How can Ideagen’s manufacturing quality management system support the industry’s specific needs?

Identify potential issues

Understand where quality issues usually arise and take action to minimise disruption.

Evidence the correct procedures

Strengthen reputation by providing evidence that correct actions have been taken.

Simplify your business processes

Demonstrate compliance with a single source of truth for how your business operates.

Ensure consistency and success

Manufacture products with the right tools, to the right specifications.

Enhanced customer service

Improve supply chain resilience to ensure effective delivery of goods to customers.

Support PPAP process

Improve the management of Production Part Approval Process to stay on track with projects.

Quality Management – Get it right every time

Fully understand your organisation and unlock its full potential with Q-Pulse PM.

Manage your product lifecycle efficiently to ensure your products are to the highest quality on a consistent basis whilst getting them to market quicker and increasing profitability.

Health & Safety Management – Make safety a priority

Manage Health & Safety processes with Q-Pulse and ensure the safety of your employees, your customers and members of the public.

Q-Pulse allows you to take control of risks that face your business from the outset and turn them into opportunity.

Manufacturing Legislation and Compliance – Interpret compliance obligations

Cut down the time, effort and cost in finding, translating and interpreting compliance obligations with Q-Pulse Law. Keep up to date with all manufacturing legislation such as ISO 9001:2015 with a single, integrated system. Identify any gaps you may have with our checklists and work through any required tasks to ensure you are fully compliant on a regional, national or international level.

Document Creation and Editing – Manage industry related documents

Manage all your documents with PleaseReview.

Ensure that all your documents including policies and procedures are co-authored and reviewed effectively. PleaseReview allows you and your colleagues to collaborate through the entirety of a document lifecycle to ensure it is fully compliant.

Streamline your PPAP processes- Create robust reports

Q-Pulse PM facilitates the Production Part Approval Process to make it easier to manage the steps necessary for the production of parts and any changes required for your products. Build process flow diagrams, oversee the work completed and pull together a comprehensive report to provide key safety information for customers.

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