Southern Rail Eliminate Duplication of Effort to Improve Safety Management

Prior to identifying the need for an electronic safety management system, Southern Rail’s initial safety reports for incidents were completed in paper form by front line staff and sent to the safety team by fax. A safety investigation officer would then review the forms and produce a report which was passed to the safety data officer to input into the Safety Management Information System (SMIS) database.

This way of working meant that investigations took longer than planned and resulted in the organisation being under pressure to meet its 28 day target from initial report to review and sign-off. But even then, as investigations weren’t tracked through to completion, there was no visibility that the 28 day target was being reached and no clear data on the scale of the problem or what needed to be done.

In relation to analysis, prior to the implementation of Ideagen's Q-Pulse, approximately 50% of investigation workload was not completed within specified timescales and, due to limitations with the initial system, it was difficult to identify where constraints to timely completion were evident, or indeed, where additional support or assistance may be required.


  • Eliminated duplication of effort and reduced incident reporting time by centralising reporting and investigation analysis into one system, ensuring accuracy of data    
  • Improved efficiency of audit process by reducing time taken to produce audit reports as well as subsequent corrective and preventive action tracking
  • Robust accident and investigation management resulting from improved data accuracy and timeliness of getting data into the system
  • Learnings from incidents easier as a centralised reporting structure ensures sharing of information across various business units
  • Recognition that system can be of greater benefit to the organisation and can be used beyond accident and investigation purposes

Within two months of implementing Q-Pulse the Safety Team were able to identify areas of the business that were not adequately resourced or where further training or support was required.

Alan Brownings - Head of Safety, Specifications and Assurance
Southern Rail

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