10 benefits of an integrated business management system

30 May 2019

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10 benefits of an integrated business management system

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Everyday employees throughout your business are making decisions which can make or break your brand, so it’s important to have an efficient integrated business management system to maintain this.

New business teams decide how to use customer data. Human resources decide who to hire, fire and promote. Procurement decide who to buy from and IT choose what information to secure. Each of these decisions is layered with complexity: ethics, corporate social responsibility, internal standards and regulations... the list goes on.

With all this in mind, how can you ensure your processes are robust enough to keep your business on track, with integrity woven into the DNA of your employee's decision-making process? Many businesses turn to enterprise business management software to ensure best practices with governance, risk and compliance management.

So, what are the benefits of an integrated business management system?

1. Information security best practice

Data is everywhere in your business. By managing information security centrally, you can control policies, procedures and data flow to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is always considered. This is a key component in maintaining compliance with ISO standards.

2. Compliance

Ideagen's integrated business management system delivers all the compliance controls in the background. There are audit trails for everything: electronic 'read and approved signatures', customised to-do lists, documentation version control, competency management, and many more features which give assurance that you are compliant with the appropriate standards.

3. Efficiency  

How many times a day do your quality, human resources, health and safety, environmental, information security, or other managers get asked:

  1. Where is that policy?
  2. Where can I see my upcoming training?
  3. Where do I find that document?

By having a central business management system for all employees, you can make it habitual for them to check the central system without needing to inefficiently hunt through the business for the latest information. 

4. Scale more easily

Integrated business management system software helps you to clearly identify roles and responsibilities, manage employee onboarding processes and view risks and opportunities. This provides growing businesses with an essential tool to scale.

5. Alignment

When you have a simple tool to update individuals, groups, or the entire organisation on changes to documents, training requirements, new customers, new compliance requirements, risks, or opportunities - it's much easier to keep employees aligned and focused on the same goals.

6. Strategy

An integrated business management system also improves organisational strategy planning by bringing risk, vulnerability and opportunity data into a central view.

7. Whole-brain thinking 

An integrated business management system enables you to ensure a balanced approach to making strategic business decisions. Use data to inform complex problem solving.

8. Consistency

You want your customers to consistently have the best products and services. Therefore, you need to understand what 'best' looks like, then enforce repeatable methodologies to consistently rinse and repeat.

Ideagen's integrated business management system enables you to:

  • Collect risk, issue and NCR data from employees across the business
  • Push and pull data from other software in your business - triggering action-based activity

Track trends, performance and anomalies in your integrated business management system.

9. Happiness

When everyone has access to the right information at the right time, employees are less frustrated, there is less chaos, and less contradictions. This results in employees becoming happier and more productive in their daily roles and routines.    

10. Continuous improvement

Quality professionals dream of having employees who proactively review and aim to improve their processes - whilst communicating all the related effects of these improvements. An integrated business management system is key for baking a learning culture into daily routines.

Find out how we supported Alexander Dennis Ltd with their business management system.

Written by

Alexander Pavlović

Alex produces targeted content to help Ideagen’s readers and customers navigate the complex world of quality, governance, risk and compliance.

Alex has worked with brands such as BT, Sodexo and Unilever and is passionate about helping businesses build a cohesive, collaborative culture of quality.

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