Q-Pulse Offline Occurrence Reporting helps Finnair capture safety data at point of origin

Finnair, Finland’s largest airline and the flag carrier, wanted to streamline their existing, paper-based event reporting process by enabling employees to record events at the point of origin. By inputting data directly into the airline’s Safety Management System (SMS) using electronic forms stored on the aircraft laptop, flight and cabin crew will spend less time submitting reports, the safety department will spend less time administering reports whilst more accurate data regarding each event is captured.

In partnership with Ideagen, this was successfully achieved using Ideagen’s web service APIs to extend Q-Pulse’s reach to the aircraft enabling the completion of reports whilst airborne and an immediate, automatic upload to Finnair’s SMS on the next available access to their corporate network.


  • Reduction in time spent administering previous paper based process
  • Resources now freed and can be directed towards analysis of safety data, identifying trends and improving safety
  • More robust process of aggregating and analysing data from multiple reports
  • Encourages a reporting culture throughout the organisation
  • Closed loop reporting cycle

From the point of view of the safety department, the most important benefit is the reduction in time spent administering our paper based process, freeing up resource that can be directed towards the analysis of safety data, identifying trends and improving the safety record of Finnair.

Mika Pyyhtiä - Captain/Project Manager

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