Ideagen’s Q-Pulse helps McLean Packaging Corporation improve quality, productivity and performance

McLean Packaging Corporation needed to modernise its quality management in order to maintain its $50million turnover from producing and designing packaging for clients including rigid paper boxes, folding cartons, thermos form trays and corrugated cartons and displays. In particular, the company identified that it had to replace its outdated systems and the inefficient business processes that accompanied them, which were largely spreadsheet and paper based. To sum up, McLean’s overall quality system was laborious and fragmented with the potential for loopholes and duplication to exist as well as being slow to access and time consuming to use.

McLean Packaging Corporation purchased the Q-Pulse quality management system at the recommendation of their Quality Management Team. The software product came with a complete, in-depth training phase where the Quality Management Team aligned it with specific business procedures. During this process the entire group became familiar with the processes and were able to deploy it successfully and ahead schedule.


  • Improved supplier performance
  • Reduced cost of non-quality
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Improved operational efficiency and performance
  • Improved visibility, intelligence and control for management

Q-Pulse has improved productivity greatly and also made it possible to track and resolve problems faster than ever before.

David Seidenberg - Vice President
McLean Packaging

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