Falcon Aviation Services (FAS) manage safety, security and risk with Ideagen’s full solution suite

Operating a fleet of four business jets and 24 helicopters for charter, private customers and in support of the Abu Dhabi offshore oil and gas industry, Falcon Aviation Services (FAS) are subject to strict safety requirements in the highly regulated aviation sector.

With significant hazards present during everyday operations, Falcon faced considerable safety and quality assurance tasks, all of which needed to be co-ordinated and documented to meet the requirements of regulators and customers alike.

In an attempt to meet these challenges, Falcon had been battling a “sea of paperwork”. Documents were stored on personal computers and with all approvals going through the Quality Manager, the process was lengthy and could take days to complete. Ideagen's Q-Pulse and Gael Risk solutions were implemented to improve the effectiveness of processes relating to risk management, internal auditing, document management, action management and incident management as well as monitoring training requirements.


  • Central, electronic system for quality, safety and risk management
  • Streamlined document approval times
  • Faster completion of corrective and preventive actions raised following audits
  • Electronic planning, scheduling and completion of audits
  • Training and employee competency records logged and managed
  • Supplier list monitored and assessed in terms of quality and previous performance
  • Review dates and owners set against Assets such as aircraft
  • Oversight of hazards and risks endangering the business, and controls in place

The combination of Q-Pulse and Gael Risk has provided us with a one stop shop for the management of quality, safety and risk.

Rob Trayhurn - Post Holder
Safety at FAS

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