Global drinks firm Whyte and Mackay improve quality, safety & compliance at bottling plant with Q-Pulse

As a global drinks provider, Whyte and Mackay is required to meet several strict compliance requirements including those set down by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), a global standards authority covering the food and drinks industry.

However, document control was becoming more and more of an issue ahead of each BRC inspection, with key Whyte and Mackay documentation being stored in various directories around the business meaning the recovery of documentation was time consuming and stressful.

Whyte and Mackay worked with software vendor Ideagen to improve quality, safety and compliance management at its bottling operations. Ideagen’s Q-Pulse software was rolled out across Whyte and Mackay’s plant in Grangemouth, Scotland, to improve document and audit management and ease compliance with standards including BRC.


  • Compliance with standards such as BRC and ISO 45001 is much easier with all documentation able to be located quickly and easily before or during inspections
  • Company-wide ownership of the quality system due to an easy-to-use Q-Pulse system
  • System has since been extended to adopt health & safety, near miss reporting and safety improvement programmes
  • Root cause of an incident can be surfaced and analysed electronically and quicker than before
  • As a business, Whyte and Mackay has become more proactive in terms of risk and safety management

Q-Pulse means that everything we require is in one system and for document management and control that is excellent. We no longer need to check if the correct processes are being followed or the most up-to-date documentation is being used as the system does that for us.

Norman Elliott - Compliance Manager
Whyte and Mackay

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