Q-Pulse QMS improves KRA’s critical business processes and their transition to ISO9001:2015

When it came to audits, KRA were struggling to ensure uniformity of checklists and consistency of process. Since the Automation of the QMS using Q-Pulse, Kenya Revenue Authority has experienced a number of improvements to business processes and functionality. Audit management is a key functionality for KRA and Q-Pulse has made it easier for QMS internal audit supervisors to monitor various stages of an audit and ensure they are conducted in line with requirements. In addition, it has provided excellent visibility of non-conformance status. 


  • Reduced paperwork
  • Smooth & easy transition to ISO9001:2015
  • Improved efficiency of critical processes
  • Improved management and traceability of corrective actions

Q-Pulse QMS helped in identifying the areas of ISO 9001:2015 that the organisation had not yet complied with through a Gap Analysis and then provided a central area to develop and maintain records for the Transition process including trainings, procedure manuals and corrective actions. Q-Pulse made the transition experience smoother, shorter and easier.

Joyce Owala - Project Manager

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