Q-Pulse provides Nuffield Health with a central database for pathology compliance activities

Nuffield Health identified a need for a central, electronic quality management system (QMS) to help them achieve and maintain their compliance responsibilities across their 13 UK hub labs.

With multiple sites spread throughout the United Kingdom, Nuffield Health required to centralise their pathology compliance activities in order to achieve and maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations such as CPA, and MHRA

Q-Pulse Enterprise Edition, the compliance management solution developed by Ideagen, was chosen to help them effectively achieve a central database for pathology compliance, replacing their previous labour intensive and paper-based processes.


  • Central database for meeting the regulatory requirements of CPA and MHRA
  • Electronic training records and staff records updated for 170+ staff across 25 sites
  • Over 1000 process documentation managed centrally in the system
  • 900 assets being tracked ensuring equipment is up to date, maintained and safe
  • Evidence of over 100 audits in the system making it easier for auditors to assess and report on operational performance and compliance
  • Pathology procedures across the UK centralised and managed from within one system meaning it’s easier to manage compliance

Q-Pulse, in our view, was the leading software solution for managing Pathology quality systems to meet the regulatory requirements of CPA and MHRA.

Tony Harvey - National Quality Manager
Nuffield Health Diagnostics

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