FCA Training and Competence software

Embed an evidential system of competence, develop your staff, deliver better outcomes and protect your reputation with an integrated FCA Training and Competence software solution.


Why use competency management software?

Competence is key to success. Ensuring people are competent to carry out their role is a central tenet of the FCA Training and Competence sourcebook (TC).

Proper competency management embeds professionalism across your business, supports cultural values and develops your most valuable asset: your people. As regulations evolve, ensuring your systems and controls fully support the management of competency is key.

Deliver proactive governance and oversight

Assess and maintain competence and training needs credibly and consistently.

Reduce risk

Provide a complete overview of competency-related activities.

Experience complete traceability

Keep comprehensive records for each process.

Streamline testing

Utilise online competency testing management for specific testing regimes.

Excellence in Training and Competence for Financial Services

Automated workflows

Automate T&C workflows and escalations in configurable process dashboards for comprehensive version and process control.

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Holistic T&C management

Map competencies, set assessments, distribute relevant policies and create action plans with objectives, target dates and actions

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Automated record-keeping

Document learning outcomes and tests, and auto-direct to areas needing review.

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Rich user experience

Complete, configurable and flexible homepage with consistent, accessible processes. Create a single source of truth in a central system.

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