Co-authoring and document review software

Escape the email chaos of document review with our co-authoring and document review software.ย 


Why should I use collaborative document review software?

Document review is crucial to compliance, but the process is often a challenge. Our document review tool gives you more control from start to finish. It cuts down the time, effort and cost of document collaboration, so you can focus on quality.

Turn documents around faster

Donโ€™t waste time searching for documents, juggling formats and multiple reviews.

Improve document quality and control

All edits can be tracked and traced so nothing slips through the net.

Collaborate securely with external parties

Keep all your stakeholders engaged at every stage of the project.

Less travel, fewer meetings

Be more productive wherever you are with instant online collaboration.

Real-time collaborative environment

The whole document review process is managed from a single and secure online space.

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Review documents in original format

Handle Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Images and more document types in one system.

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Automated workflow

Capture comments, suggest changes and follow discussion threads without the email trail.

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Control access and visibility

Choose who sees which documents and sections to protect sensitive information.

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Reconciliation reports

All contributions are recorded in a comprehensive reconciliation report ready for auditing.

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Putting together an IND application for the FDA?

Download our checklist to ensure a smooth and successful application. It also includes advice on how to arrange a pre-IND meeting with the FDA.ย 

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