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Using digital tools for project collaboration

Most construction industries still use physical binders, log responses in Excel, pick up the phone to exchange information, and even still use fax machines - despite a move towards a paperless management structure in other industries. Ultimately, digitising these processes benefits the industry as a means to remain competitive and innovative.

The evolution of technology has caused rapid digitalisation, which is transforming the construction industry and becoming more collaborative. This is thanks to project collaboration tools that streamline communication and create a single source of truth for all project files.


Picking the right solution

You must find the right solution that works not only for you but also for your clients. Answering the questions below will help you evaluate your current tools and examine new solutions that can improve your security, workspace, client experience, and workflow.

Security and compliance

  • Do you use multiple channels and/or personal devices to share data with clients which could be intercepted and cause a breach?
  • If you're already using a client portal, does it meet internationally recognised security grades, for example, ISO2 ISO/IEC 27001:2013 7001?
  • Do your current methods of file sharing have multi-factor authentication?
  • Does your current system give you the right tools to comply with data protection laws in the jurisdictions you operate in?


  • Are you wasting time on admin and other repetitive tasks that could be saved through digital automation?
  • If you already use a portal, are you able to scale the solution effectively as your client base and business grow?

Technical considerations

  • Does your current solution offer 24/7 access for your clients?
  • Does your current solution support mobile and tablet devices?
  • Would a cloud-based client portal mitigate business disruptions caused by software updates and upgrades?
  • Do you currently store client data on-premise, on the cloud, or a combination?

It's time to adapt your processes. The traditional approach to business brings increased risks and challenges. Download our e-book to view the complete checklist for choosing the right solution for your organisation.

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Written by

Stacey Lewis

Using a fusion of creative and informative writing skills, Stacey is a Content Creator for Ideagen's collaboration solutions. Through her natural curiosity for consumer needs, she is committed to keeping our audience engaged with our solutions that simplify and optimise collaboration processes in highly regulated industries.