NATS achieve faster turnaround while assuring compliance with PleaseReview

NATS Engineering was on the lookout for a solution that provided specialist collaborative review technology and detailed reporting, delivering significant time savings and other resulting efficiencies. They also needed a product that could integrate easily with their content management system, OpenText Livelink. This was in order to take advantage of existing version and audit trail capabilities in addition to not needing to log in to PleaseReview, when users have already logged in to their NATS account.


  • Improves visibility by being able to track the status of reviews
  • Improves traceability with a complete audit trail for every review
  • Accelerates document turnaround by cutting down the number of review cycles

Introducing PleaseReview has enabled us to deploy the staff previously involved in the document review process to other activities

Ben Newell - Configuration Manager
NATS Engineering

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