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President Biden has been the subject of news recently, as a result of classified documents being discovered in a locked cabinet in his former office. A US Justice Department review is underway to determine the circumstances around the breach.

In fact, over the last few years there have been several high-profile examples or serious breaches including documents and storage devices being left on public transport, confidential emails being forwarded for to those with unauthorised access, and sensitive reports being handed to the wrong people by officials.

Each instance is entirely down to human error – and completely avoidable.

OpenText’s Center for Digital Government Cloud Migration Survey indicates that 70% of Government organisations intend on migrating some functions to the cloud over the next 12-18 months, something which automatically reduces the risk of data falling into the wrong hands.

However, perhaps more so than any other change within the workplace, introducing new software and IT processes often faces challenges, resistance and low-adoption.

Myth one: it’s expensive

Considering the extensive potential costs of security breaches – both financial and reputational – the question isn’t whether you can afford to implement cloud working, but whether you can afford not to.

Users of Ideagen Huddle have told us they’ve reduced their IT costs by up to 30% when retiring legacy file storage and file sharing systems, and have avoided 50% of costs related to security and compliance.

Myth two: there’s too much training needed

If something isn’t simple to use, the likelihood of it being a success becomes slim. With so many options available, cloud providers need to ensure software is simple and intuitive to get – and keep – their clients on board.

Ideagen Huddle prides itself on being easy to use. Training is available but many customers find they don’t need it. The online support centre is available 24/7 bursting with tips and tricks to make the most out of Huddle.

Myth three: it’s difficult to access files online

We all know a desktop hoarder – you might even be one yourself. At the time, it might seem easier to store everything on your computer, so you know it’s there when you need it whether you’re at home, in the office or on the move. But what happens if you lose the only copy? What if you accidentally leave your laptop at home and need a copy of the document quickly?

Storing everything securely in a FedRAMP approved cloud product puts all your files at your fingertips, and a powerful search tool like the one found within Ideagen Huddle can save hours of frustrating wading through scattered folders for the information you need. 

Myth four: you’ll lose control of documents

There’s often a view that if something is saved online, it could be easy for it to fall into the wrong hands, or you’ll lose control of who’s edited important documents and the changes they’ve made. You might prefer to have an email trail to look back on for reference.

However, when you’re using a cloud solution such as Ideagen Huddle, you can be confident your information is safe. Every workspace has its own permissions settings – you can see in a snapshot who has access to each space, adding and removing access rights in seconds. Every document has an activity stream detailing who’s accessed it and whether they’ve downloaded or edited it. You can even roll back to a previous version if you need to for comparison.

Myth five: we’re fine working as we are

Perhaps the biggest myth to overcome is that new technology is unnecessary when you’ve already been managing fine with the practises already in place. That’s understandable – but it doesn’t make it true.

While bringing in new technology can be met with reservation, hesitation and concern, the reality is that a tool such as Ideagen Huddle can revolutionise the way your department works, and change it for the better. Huddle’s online workspaces present an ideal solution to store documents, work on projects together and share files both internally and externally – all under government-grade security measures to give you absolute peace of mind.

See Ideagen Huddle in action for yourself. Try it free for 30 days and discover the benefits of migrating to the cloud.

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Kay Oldham

As product Marketing Manager for Collaboration at Ideagen, Kay specialises in creating insightful and engaging communications to showcase the opportunities for organisations looking to develop their digital transformation journey. Kay’s marketing knowledge and experience spans a variety of industries and her main passions lie with customer experience, creativity and digital strategy.