International Energy Agency maintains ‘gold standard’ in energy market analysis with PleaseReview

International Energy Agency (IEA) implemented PleaseReview to help manage their extensive peer review process which involved around 400 participants. PleaseReview enables them to collect and save comments and feedback in a structured way, ensuring nothing is lost and that each reviewer is working with the most recent version. This has saved IEA a significant amount of time and provided a much easier way of operating. 


  • Allows systematic and methodical review of a draft text and due consideration of all input
  • Helps distribute different parts of the text to different constituencies efficiently
  • Consolidates communication with reviewers and improves effectiveness of communication
  • Releases more time to work through comments at the end of the peer review process



"We receive about 1200 comments for the draft report and PleaseReview’s final report lets us see all the consolidated comments in less than a minute. We save a lot of time in using PleaseReview. The benefits to us have been immediate."

Heymi Bahar - Renewable Energy Markets Analyst and Project Manager

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