NWDC dramatically cuts time spent reviewing documents with PleaseReview

NDLS had the capability for uploading Word documents for online review and commenting. The system was designed to maximize collaboration during the review process, but the document import process was clunky and labor-intensive requiring multiple manual entries and many steps that took days to complete. NWDC settled on PleaseReview and completed installation of the system on its portal and now uses it to develop and revise Navy doctrine.



  • Increases productivity with reviewers working on the same document at the same time
  • Improves transparency by letting reviewers see and respond to each other
  • Removes bottlenecks with a complete record of all comments and changes

Download the Case Study

PleaseReview is unlike any document management system you have tried before. It is as easy to use as Microsoft Word, but allows reviewers to work simultaneously on the same document and eliminates the most labor intensive aspects associated with structured document reviews.

Roger Webster, Program Manager at NWDC Navy Doctrine Library

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