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Pentana Disclose is an automated disclosure management software solution used by financial accountants and auditors in their daily work. 

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Easier compliance with accounting standards.

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Keep up to date with standards and disclosure requirements.

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Save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency of disclosure management.

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Mitigate the risk of failure to disclose.

The latest release of this web-based SaaS solution adds offline working, improved search and reporting features, and the ability to have multiple review levels. Per section answering also allows multiple people to work on disclosure at the same time.

Core Features

  • Tailoring – tailoring is an intelligent process that takes key information about the characteristics of an entity and uses expert rules to determine which disclosures are required.
  • Checklist Filter and search to show areas such as unanswered questions and problem answers. The search function can be used to locate questions.
  • UK and International checklists authored by industry experts.
  • Checklist re-use with different tailoring for another entity, while still retaining the information for the previous entity.
  • Roll Forward aspects of the disclosure checklist for use in subsequent periods.
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Pentana Disclose - Financial Disclosure Checklist Software


"Pentana Disclose benefits from a dedicated authoring team. I personally ensure consistency in content and approach across all the checklists. Because of my years of experience working in the technical department of some of the top 10 audit firms I have seen the areas that people typically struggle with. So there are help guides within the checklists to assist people in answering certain questions and give examples of the kind of disclosure to look for. Customers can contact me for help on anything to do with GAAP such as recognition, measurement or presentation."

Tina Whitington, Pentana Product Manager and Technical Accountant at Ideagen

Our disclosure management software offers two checklist packages. The checklists contain all the most recent accounting standards, SORPs and relevant UK legislation. They are regularly updated to ensure all the relevant requirements are covered.

UK Disclose

  • FRS 102, FRS 103 and FRS 105 including all SORPs approved by the FRC and all relevant legislation and accounts directions
  • IFRS for the UK/FRS 101
  • Interims including FRS 104
  • Pensions
  • Coacts covering old UK GAAP
  • Mirco-entities covering the legislation before FRS 105
  • Accounts compilation

International Disclose

  • IFRS
  • Interims including IAS 34
  • Accounts compilation
  • AIFRS interims
  • US GAAP available on request

"Pentana Disclose is an intuitive, high-calibre disclosure checklist tool and is used throughout the PKF network to great effect."

Candice Unsworth, CA(SA) Technical Audit and Accounting Manager at PKF International Limited

Pentana Disclose supports 8 out of the 10 top accountancy firms.

Find out how Ideagen can make the management of your disclosures more efficient.

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