International Personal Finance commit to supporting their Risk Management program with Pentana Risk

International Personal Finance (IPF) operates in a challenging and dynamic market that requires a robust risk management system to facilitate a quick decision-making process. Prior to their implementation of Pentana Risk, IPF used an internally developed Excel-based tool to identify, assess and report risks across their business units and Group. This reliance on a non-customised risk management tool required a significant amount of time and effort.

As a growing organisation operating in 11 countries and one that is increasingly regulated both in the UK and the markets in which they operate, IPF also recognised the need for a tool that was scalable, something their previous software solution could not achieve.

On selection of Pentana Risk, IPF prioritised three of the eight modules available within the software - 

The Risk Module which brings risk management to life as a dynamic and integrated process allowing IPF to identify, assess, prioritise and control their risks.

The KPI Module which provides an integrated, organisation-wide repository for performance operation allowing IPF to measure their risks.

The Action Module which is designed to consolidate all action plans, initiatives and key projects in one location.


With Pentana Risk we identified that we could produce better and faster risk and internal control reports with a tool that provided stability when considering the complexity of our risk and internal control process, accessibility, number of users, audit trail and compatibility with our IT Infrastructure

Claudia Cruceru - Group Governance and Risk Manager
International Personal Finance

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