Cadence Bank achieves greater audit and risk integration with Pentana Audit

Like many businesses today, Cadence Bank recognised a need for their audit and risk functions to be as integrated as possible in order to remain agile in a volatile, uncertain and increasingly complex business risk environment. This led to the audit group looking for a software solution that allowed them to work fluidly with the rest of the business and provide the Enterprise Risk Management group with a complete view of their collective risks in a single, easy-to-access system. Since implementation, Cadence Bank has successfully utilised Pentana Audit as a complete GRC tool.


  • Paperless audit execution saves time through a streamlined audit process
  • Driving awareness and delivering real-time insights into your organisation's risk profile
  • Secure and enhance company reputation with effective management of risk
  • Reduce costs of GRC activities


It’s been an incredibly effective way for us to build the risk culture within the organization. All of our lines of business now know the name Pentana!

Lana Blackmon - Vice President and Audit Group Manager
Cadence Bank

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