Individual accountability regime and T&C software

Pentana Compliance (previously Redland Solutions) is the market-leading individual accountability regime software that helps financial services firms meet regulatory requirements such as SMCR and IACG in addition to training and competency obligations. 

It helps to raise standards and boost productivity while protecting organisations and their managers against the risks of non-compliance.



Deliver assurance to executives

Implement a systematic and evidential approach to Accountability and Competency, streamline business processes and give Regulators and stakeholders complete assurance that every aspect of people and process regulation is addressed.

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Demonstrate good governance and professionalism

Harness all the tools you need to facilitate effective regulatory compliance in a central, maintainable, accurate system of record. Pentana Compliance provides a space to produce and manage MRMs and SoRs, conduct F&P and Competency assessments, fully support the Certification process and provide dashboard reporting to stakeholders.

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Provide a unified solution for SMCR, T&C and IAC

Pentana Compliance brings together all accountability and competency requirements from the UK’s SMCR regulation and Singapore’s IAC guidelines to deliver an end-to-end competency management and accountability software solution that meets and exceeds the expectations of the regulators.

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The software of choice for top financial services firms

Our competency management and SMCR software is used by some of the biggest names in financial services. They trust our proven T&C and SMCR solutions to help them achieve regulatory compliance and reduced risk in a scalable and cost-efficient manner.

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Meet local regulatory requirements

Supporting financial organisations both in the UK and Singapore to meet the requirements set by the FCA and MAS. Assure accountability and competency no matter where you are in the world.

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