Document management software

Our document management software provides a controlled, secure single source of truth for all your business information.


What is document management software?

Document management is the way organisations collate, store and distribute documents. It’s a core process which incorporates how critical information is handled internally.

Document management software provides the infrastructure to do this in an effective manner. This begins with the secure, central storage point to putting in place workflows for approval, distribution and scheduled changes. It eliminates manual document management done by paper or email, saving significant time and ensuring information is not lost or miscommunicated. 

Why should I use an electronic document management system?

Our document management solution is designed to eliminate the manual information streams that weaken your compliance, waste time and frustrate your colleagues.

It provides you with a centralised cloud-based repository accessible anywhere, from any device, ensuring you have access to data when needed in a secure manner. A controlled workflow ensures that work is not duplicated, key information is always up to date and in line with compliance requirements.  

Actions you can undertake include:

  • Getting quick access to live or draft documents
  • Electronic signatures
  • Receive and send notifications when actions are required
  • View, read and acknowledge documents from your preferred device

Digital document management system

Correct, controlled and categorised information from a central library accessible by anyone in your organisation.

Cloud-based single source of truth

Connect your colleagues to a single information stream, on any device, wherever they are.

Automatic compliance

Airtight system security and built-in review and permission functionality always keep your document stack compliant and secure.

Minimal admin

Make scanning, emailing, cabinet-searching and manual approval a thing of the past. Share and control information quickly, with complete confidence.

Custom categorisation

Store information how you want to see it. Build bespoke folders and document categories for a well-organised system that’s easy to navigate and user friendly.

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Review and approval workflows

Guarantee your documents pass through compliant, controlled processes with automatic system workflows. Manage notifications to ensure actions are completed on time and by the right people.

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Flexible files

Store any kind of document format, from Word reports to technical PDF drawings and quality data spreadsheets. House your SOPs, procedures and policies where everyone can access them for a quality-first culture.

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Permission control

Control who sees which documents, and when. Assign documents to particular groups, departments or organisational areas to ensure they can refer to key documentation when they need to and have clear guidance for what is required from them.

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Smart archiving and audit trailing

Demonstrate complete control of your document lifecycle with full audit trails from upload to archive. Superseded and out-of-date information is automatically replaced for a live, compliant data set which is always valid and provides assurance to regulators.

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