Pentana Disclose is an automated financial disclosure tool used by financial accountants and auditors in their daily work. It provides an efficient way to check the disclosures needed for entities that are implementing new accounting standards.

Pentana Disclose enables the user to tailor the checklist to select only those disclosures that are required for the entity.

Key Features:

  • Tailoring – Tailoring is an intelligent process that takes key information about the characteristics of an entity, and then uses expert rules to determine which disclosures are required.
  • Checklist re-use with different tailoring for another entity, while still retaining the information for the previous entity.
  • Roll Forward aspects of the checklist for use in subsequent periods.
  • Checklist Filter and search to show areas such as unanswered questions and problem answers. The search function can be used to locate questions

Pentana Disclose has a dedicated authoring team. We receive input from the major accountancy firms to ensure the checklists cover all the relevant requirements and are kept up to date with any changes.

Disclose consists of the Disclose UK package and the Disclose international package

  • UK Disclose
    • FRS 102 and FRS 105 including all SORPs approved by the FRC and all relevant legislation and accounts directions
    • IFRS for the UK/FRS 101
    • Interims including FRS 104
    • Pensions
    • Coacts covering old UK GAAP
    • Mirco-entities covering the legislation before FRS 105
    • Accounts compilation
  • International Disclose
    • IFRS
    • Interims including IAS 34
    • Accounts compilation
    • AIFRS
    • AIFRS interims

US GAAP available on request

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