Features of Pentana Compliance

Harness all the tools you need to facilitate effective regulatory compliance in a central, maintainable, accurate system of record. Pentana Compliance provides a space to fully support SM&CR and Competency management with process and performance oversight through MI and dashboard reporting.

Manage and produce responsibilities maps

Create and maintain Statements of Responsibilities (SoRs)

Record ‘reasonable steps’ and handover processes

Annual conduct declarations, breach management and reporting

Conduct Fit and Proper (F&P) and competency assessments

Deliver online competency testing

Identify and assess certified individuals

Process and performance oversight

Create and store Certificate records and track renewal

Reporting and dashboard management

Highly configurable training and competency system

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plans

Measure performance against specific business standards (e.g. KPIs, Complaints)

Powerful integrated workflow and email notifications

Consistent distribution of policy across the business

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