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Benefits of Pentana Compliance

Discover the productivity and assurance improvements Pentana Compliance can bring to you and your organisation.

Ensure effective compliance

Protect your firm and your staff against regulatory non-compliance and avoid sanctions, fines and reputational damage. Identify breaches in policy and procedure with robust, auditable processes and swiftly close any gaps.


Automate processes

Automate regulatory compliance with a full audit trail, comprehensive reporting and visually engaging dashboards that display a single version of the truth.

Develop your people

Align Training and Competency efforts with a programme for cultural improvement. Develop the competency of your people and focus on the right areas of business through risk-based oversight.


Centralise information

Integrate compliance efforts in relation to SM&CR, T&C, Culture & Conduct, customer outcomes and HR. Reports, data and certificates are stored centrally, providing a full audit trail which can be accessed easily by the appropriate person and the regulator, if required.

Save time and money

Remove the problems of manual inefficiency, poor auditability, inaccuracy and lack of confidence with a streamlined, efficient software system that grants complete traceability and assurance in regulatory compliance.


Tap into industry expertise

Our award-winning and trusted software solution is the recognised market leader with a proven track record in financial services. We partner with clients to ensure that their specific needs are met and professional standards in Accountability and Competency are adhered to company-wide.

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