Benefits of Pentana Disclose

Discover the productivity and assurance improvements Pentana Disclose can bring to you and your financial statements.

Ensure effective compliance

Achieve peace of mind that you will always be up to date with the latest disclosure requirements and reporting standards.

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Automate processes

Create bespoke checklists for entities easily and save time by allowing more than one person to work on the same checklist at the same time. Reuse checklists with different tailoring for another entity, while still retaining the information for the previous entity. 

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Centralise information

Pentana Disclose is cloud-based and SaaS enabled, meaning data can be shared instantly and safely in a central system via the web.

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Save time and money

Remove the problems of manual inefficiency, poor auditability, inaccuracy, and lack of confidence with a streamlined, efficient software system that grants complete traceability and assurance in financial disclosure.

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Tap into industry expertise

Our trusted software solution is used by 9 out of the top 10 UK accounting firms and has a proven track record in financial services. Our dedicated accounting experts ensure that your specific needs are met and professional standards in accounting and financial disclosure are always adhered to.

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