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Improve incident reporting, consolidate EHS data, drive operational performance and achieve regulatory compliance with our EHS management software solution.

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Business Benefits

Ideagen's EHS software helps you to achieve regulatory compliance and manage risks while increasing operational performance.  It helps you to surface, analyse and report Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) data and create a culture of reporting and accountability.

  • Improve incident reporting icon

    Improve incident reporting.

  • Surface, consolidate analyse and report icon

    Surface, consolidate, analyse and report EHS data.

  • Achieve regulatory coompliance assurance icon

    Achieve regulatory compliance assurance.

  • Improve risk management icon

    Improve risk management.

  • Improve operational efficiency icon

    Improve operational efficiency.

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Critical Capabilities

We provide EHS management software solutions to businesses around the world in a range of industrial sectors and sizes. They choose our software because they want to transform and modernise their EHS management system.

  • flexible forms icon

    Flexible forms and workflow creation.

  • Centralised data collection icon

    Centralised data collection and reporting.

  • Modernised and strengthened governance icon

    Modernised and strengthened governance.

  • Improve compliance assurance icon

    Improved compliance assurance.

  • Increased accountability and performance icon

    Increased accountability and performance.

  • Visibility and analysis icon

    Visibility, analysis and communication around EHS data and processes.

5 Key Steps to Effective EHS Management


Create a culture of candid incident reporting by implementing user-friendly, modern software that end-users in the field will want to use for reporting near misses, non-conformances and incidents.


Stay on top of sustainability reporting and audits: waste and wastewater management, air emissions, chemicals, energy and carbon.


Effectively manage occupational health and safety and conform to laws, norms and international standards such as ISO 45001. Track non-conformances and manage audits and investigations.


Take a proactive, preventive approach by using risk modelling, management and communication tools that help you to identify and manage emerging EHS threats before they become incidents.


Consolidate EHS data across your business into a single source, giving you complete control and visibility.

System Readiness for ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

Although some countries have improved their industrial safety performance through legislative, regulatory and cultural change over the past three decades, the issue of work-related injuries and diseases is globally substantial and growing, hurting individuals and families, damaging companies and blighting economies. To recognise and tackle this issue, ISO is in the final stages of developing a new standard named ISO 45001: Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use.

Find out how to conform to the new standard (including the transition from OHSAS 18001) and how our EHS software solutions can help.

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Some Important Factors to Consider When Procuring or Replacing an EHS Management System

  • Seamless user experience icon

    Seamless user experience – critical for user adoption.

  • Ease of scaling icon

    Ease of scaling across your organisation.

  • Simple config and rapid implementation icon

    Simple configuration and rapid implementation.

  • Flexible forms and workflows icon

    Flexible forms and workflow creation.


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