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Q-Pulse® PPAP

Streamline the management of your Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

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PPAP is key for the supply chain to establish and demonstrate confidence in production processes and component manufacture. Common PPAP elements include process flow diagram, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and control plan. All of these can be created within the Q-Pulse PPAP app or imported to be stored together.

Q-Pulse PPAP is designed to streamline, mistake proof and project manage your PPAPs.

  • Reduce time and cost of PPAP
  • Meet customer requirements first time and on time
  • Minimise tedious manual document creation
  • Improve visibility of lead times and project status

Q-Pulse PPAP was previously known as Visual PPAP and Visual FMEA from IPI Solutions. IPI Solutions was acquired by Ideagen Plc in December 2016. Read the press release.

Prove that the manufacturing process can consistently meet design requirements during an actual production run at the quoted production rate.

  • Project management tool with customisable workflows
  • Create process flow diagram, FMEA and control plan within app
  • Set lead times and be notified of tasks at risk
  • Libraries for quick population
  • Output professional PPAP report ready for customer to review

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is used to identify and plan for areas within a process that are at a higher risk of going wrong.

  • Use process flow diagram to quickly populate operations
  • Add input, output, dimensional and safety characteristics from drawing
  • Document potential failure mode, effect, cause and detection/prevention methods
  • Automatic calculation of risk priority number
  • Assign owners and completion dates to actions

"Previously, a PPAP for our customer took a total of three days and involved paper being laid out everywhere across tables. With Q-Pulse PPAP, I can now do a PPAP with similar requirements in just a few hours."

Sallyanne Lowe, Program Manager at Tecomet

Discover how Q-Pulse PPAP can help you meet customer requirements first time and on time.

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