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Q-Pulse® EHS

Integrated Environmental, Health and Safety Management Software

Keep employees safe and ensure compliance with real-time visibility throughout your entire enterprise

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Product Overview

Q-Pulse EHS is an enterprise-scale software application that fully integrates environmental and health and safety management processes, from identifying applicable legislation, to managing compliance risk and evaluating compliance.

With Q-Pulse EHS, organisations can establish a framework that helps to manage environmental, occupational health and safety and sustainability in a single, easy-to-use software system. Q-Pulse EHS provides real-time information on all aspects of compliance, including legal, regulatory and standards, making sure that organisations have complete visibility and can take swift and decisive action.

Key Features

  • Law

    Automatically identify relevant legislation and compliance requirements with a unique system of checklists. Measure and monitor legal compliance to identify and close compliance gaps.

  • Risk

    Get a better understanding of risk with a robust and flexible risk assessment methodology. Link measurable objectives and targets to management programmes and individual tasks.

  • Incident

    Take a risk-based approach to reporting accidents, incidents, safety and quality concerns. Follow actions through to investigation, corrective and preventive action and closure.

  • Data

    Receive reports with all the data needed for review by specifying required fields that everyone needs to complete before submitting a form.

  • Audit

    Verify compliance with legislation and compliance requirements with a structured and consistent approach to planning, scheduling, conducting and following up internal and external audits.

  • Documents

    Provide secure, centralised access to controlled documents to make sure everyone can be aware of and can carry out their responsibilities in meeting legislation and compliance requirements.

  • Dashboards

    Provide access to real-time environmental, health and safety data and information to see everything at a glance with customisable dashboards showing all compliance-related information.

"Q-Pulse EHS provides us with assurance that we are managing our health and safety risks and, indeed, our environmental risks in a positive way, ensuring that we’re minimising risks to both our staff and the public who come in contact with our services and also the environment."

Colm Deburca
Safety and Sustainability Manager
Electricity Supply Board (ESB)

Business Benefits

  • Legal requirements icon

    Meet legal and compliance requirements

    Give everyone access to up-to-date international, national and regional legislation with a single, integrated system.

  • Better access icon

    Give better access

    Help everyone find the legal and compliance information they need quickly and easily with a web-based interface that’s intuitive and simple-to-use.

  • Data icon

    Bring your data to life

    Make sure everyone can clearly see the information that’s important to them with powerful data visualisation using configurable dashboards.

  • Risk icon

    Be clear on risk

    Let everyone report accidents, incidents and quality and safety concerns as they happen and help raise risk awareness across the organisation.

  • Compliance icon

    Build stronger compliance

    Make scheduling, planning, conducting and following up audits more effective and efficient with a standardised and automated audit process.

  • Audit icon

    Be audit ready

    Give auditors all the information they need and demonstrate compliance with licences and permits on demand.

"Q-Pulse EHS's functional completeness means that Ideagen can offer all the safety, incident reporting, quality, compliance and risk management tools you need now and in future. At Ideagen we invest in our technology strategy and the specific roadmap of each application. This means that you can grow into the solution with Ideagen to support you as your organisation’s risk maturity progresses in the years ahead."

Paul Callaghan
Product Manager
Q-Pulse EHS

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