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Understand your organisation like never before with our fast, fresh and simple quality management software.

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Q-Pulse has been a force multiplier. With Q-Pulse I am able to do more and do it faster. Because the software is configurable we have been able to create templates and workflows that fit how our business actually works.

What will Q-Pulse bring to my business?

1. Know your organisation inside and out

Transform your QMS from reactive repository to competitive weapon. Apply unprecedented intelligence and insight for the most complete picture of your organisation.

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2. Take decisive action to create success

Act quickly and confidently to exploit opportunity. Grow your business, unlock new markets and secure new quality standards with smart data-driven decision-making.

3. Create a culture of quality

Make quality and compliance the responsibility of everybody. Align your entire business around world class processes that satisfy your customers and regulators.

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Apply a tailored software Edition targeted at the unique needs and demands of your industry

Put your patient first

Drive consistent ways of working. Gain airtight control of your equipment, processes and training. And make patient-first quality front and centre of your operation with pinpoint risk management.

Q-Pulse Healthcare Edition allows you to:

  • Ensure only the latest SOPs and work instructions are followed
  • Make smarter decisions based on quality data
  • Embed natural, integrated compliance - and prove it with complete audit trailing
  • Analyse your quality process activities and turn risks into opportunities
  • Satisfy your regulators and drive GxP
  • Continually improve your quality and patient safety by cementing best practice

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Make GxP natural and invisible

Build complete confidence in the quality of your processes and products with full information traceability, from audit findings and design controls to CAPA plans and reports.

Q-Pulse Life Sciences Edition allows you to:

  • Hit the highest levels of quality and compliance every day with a validated electronic platform
  • Guarantee data integrity, GxP and a patient-first culture
  • Manage actions, share documents, complete audits and generate reports – from a single source of truth
  • Demonstrate complete control to the FDA, MHRA and other regulators
  • Centralise and standardise your QMS for a consistent, world class approach

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Strengthen your reputation with customers, regulators and certification bodies

Apply deep end-to-end visibility of your production and your entire supply chain and ensure that BRC, FSSC and ISO 22000 best practice is ingrained and automatic at all times.

Q-Pulse Food & Drink Edition allows you to:

  • Ensure success with business-wide control of your processes, procedures and products
  • Monitor, report on and strengthen your critical control points
  • Simplify HACCP, BRC, FSSC and ISO compliance
  • Maximise the resilience and strength of your supply chain
  • Drive accountability and guarantee high-quality products that satisfy your customers

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Drive faster, stronger quality from supply chain to factory floor

Get the insight you need to transform your production processes, strengthen your supply chain and deliver products that delight your customers.

Q-Pulse Manufacturing Edition allows you to:

  • Build a single source of truth for continuous improvement of your processes
  • Strengthen your reputation and prove best practice
  • Slice your cost of poor quality
  • Pinpoint and address your quality issues
  • Drive defect-free, right-first-time manufacture on time and under budget

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Build a quality-first approach from design to service

Slice build time, minimise costly mistakes and deliver high-quality projects that are right-first-time while guaranteeing safety and integrity.

Q-Pulse Construction Edition allows you to:

  • Manage and deliver safe, high-quality projects from end to end
  • Share information quickly and easily
  • Pinpoint risks, fix issues and drive a quality-first approach that keeps everyone safe
  • Meet CDM and ISO best practice
  • Minimise defects, build time and rework with maximised efficiency
  • Drive a responsible, coordinated QHSE-centric operation

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A modern, modular and functionally complete QMS software system

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Powerful Dashboards

Understand your organisation like never before with simple, at-a-glance visibility of the data that matters to you. Share trends and findings quickly and easily.

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Intuitive UX

Make complex tasks simple and get your entire business involved with quality with a clean, flat and intuitive user interface.

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Automatic report generation

Cut data administration from your day-to-day. Report on any piece of data in the system at the touch of a button.

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Powerful workflow engine

Align your entire organisation, track tasks and drive actions to completion by the right personnel with our workflow engine. Build any shape and size of visual workflow, from CAPA close-out to document review.

Using Q-Pulse is like having a dedicated group of analysts working for you 24/7: the data is always available and can be quickly drilled into for specific details. With Q-Pulse, my job is much easier and my stress level is much lower.

Robert Rouzer, VP of Quality at VSE Corporation

All the tools you need to make quality your business improvement driver

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Categorise, centralise and simplify your business information. Gain unshakeable control of your information streams from upload to review.

Audit Module Icon


Manage a fully digitised, collaborative end-to-end audit initiative and drive continuous improvement. Create reports and respond to findings instantly.

CA/PA Module Icon


Handle any kind of business process electronically. Funnel actions to the right people at the right time and track progress at a glance with our industry-leading visual workflow engine

Reporting Module Icon


Slice, share and analyse the data that matters to your business to unlock insight and foster smart decision-making. Present and export the way you want.

Risk Module Icon


Take control of the risks that face your business. Categorise, assess, apply treatments and turn risk into opportunity.

Training and Competence Module Icon

Training & Competence

Guarantee and prove you have the competent, developed workforce you need. Record training, build competency matrices and test understanding.

Customers Module Icon

Interested parties

Make your third-party relationships even stronger with targeted control. Assess suppliers, share information with key customers and map your entire supply chain for complete control.

Assets Module Icon


Protect your business assets and equipment. Record your physical assets, schedule calibrations and keep your business healthy.

Law Module Icon


Keep on top of your legislative requirements with our expert support and analysis to ensure you’re always compliant.

Do you need Software Validation?

We provide validation for Life Science industry software.

Q-Pulse Validation

We don’t just provide software

Ideagen's state-of-the-art training software provides a stimulating variety of interactive demos, activities and assessments that encourages your employees to become self-sufficient learners, saving your organisation a wealth of valuable time and money.

Learn more about Ideagen Academy

We are committed to building an Ideagen Community, which will provide new material to inform, inspire and engage our customers. Meet and engage with other like-minded Ideagen customers, discover how others comply with regulations, manage their processes and unlock the most from our quality management software.

With an Ideagen maintenance plan, you have guaranteed peace of mind that you never again have to waste time and frustration, should you ever get stuck or have an issue with any aspect of our software. Our highly trained support staff are here for you round the clock, 365 days a year.

Ideagen provides full on-boarding support to help you migrate and improve your existing business processes from day one. With our highly qualified consultants, you can read-assured that your project will get off the ground smoothly and someone will be there to answer any questions you might have.

At Ideagen, we don't simply sell you software. We have a dedicated customer success team that's here to ensure your success with our QMS software. Our team gauge customer sentiment, so that we can continually improve and keep our customers at the top of their game.

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