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The proven quality, compliance safety and operational risk management software solution for thousands of organisations across the world.

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Effective Quality Management gives total control, operational excellence and integrity.

The popular electronic quality management software, Q-Pulse eliminates bureaucracy and automates and streamlines your business processes for standards and regulatory compliance, safety management and risk management.

For over two decades Q-Pulse quality management software has helped organisations and industries become more mature and accountable. Today it helps manufacturers, airlines, and healthcare organisations to comply with standards and regulations, control safety and risk and achieve unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency.

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Ideagen Q-Pulse - Quality Management Software

Q-Pulse Risk Module

Foster a culture of learning within quality management and operational excellence while complying with risk based regulations and standards such as ISO 9001: 2015

  • Risk assessment and modeling
  • Mitigation and action planning
  • Risk quantification, analysis, communication and reporting tools

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"Q-Pulse quality management software has delivered compliance, operational efficiency, reputational protection and safety and risk management to more than 2,000 organisations around the world since 1992. It has evolved massively over the years and will continue to do so: we have consistently invested in Q-Pulse to deliver the most up to date user experience and technical capabilities. We have a roadmap that looks three to five years ahead and I am particularly excited about how the product will develop to help you meet the challenges of the future."

Paul Callaghan, Q-Pulse Product Manager

Q-Pulse Incident Management System (IMS)

Foster an open reporting culture that generates timely business intelligence, improves decision making and enables a rapid response to emerging problems.

  • Incidents
  • Customer complaints and compliments
  • Supplier recalls and change control
  • Product issues and improvement suggestions
  • Ratings & classifications

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Mobile Working is the Key to Business Transformation

Mobile working is the key to business process modernisation, unprecedented levels of productivity and quality. Essential tasks such as reporting, accessing policies and procedures and operational audits and inspections can be implemented in the field in real time.

Contact us to learn more about these efficiency and business intelligence benefits.

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Deployment Options

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Q-Pulse qms software can be installed on-premise. It can be customised and integrated with your other business systems to deliver the solution that maximises your operational and business benefits.

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Q-Pulse qms software can be hosted and delivered as a service with all the same customisation and integration possibilities including mobile capability and powerful analytics. 


Document Management

Control policies, procedures and all critical documentation.

Audit Management

Control the complete audit lifecycle from planning and scheduling to reporting and the management of findings.

CA/PA Management

Control corrective and preventive actions, to raise visibility of issues immediately and let you solve problems quickly.

Incident Management

Unlimited reporting and analysis: create the custom forms and templates you need to report, track and analyse incidents.

Supplier Management

Manage all vendor related compliance data for ISO and other standards. Conduct compliance audits on your supply chain

Training and Competence Management 

Track and manage staff training and qualification records.

Safety Management 

Demonstrate a proactive and anticipative approach to operational activities via real time Performance Monitoring.

Q-Pulse FAIR

Streamline, automate and mistake proof the first article inspection (FAI) process.

Q-Pulse helps BT stay in touch with auditing and document management

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Managing Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with any standards or regulations, reduce exposure to the risk of non-conformance, avoid fines, penalties and reputational damage and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with control.

Discover how Q-Pulse can help you deliver quality, compliance, safety and efficiency

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