Occupational health and safety software 

Safeguard your people and processes with our occupational health and safety software  


Build a safer, stronger workplace with OHS software

Our OHS software gives you the tools to identify, treat and continually monitor the risks affecting your staff and your business. It empowers you to take ownership of occupational health and safety and ensure that everyone in the organisation knows what is expected of both employer and employee.

Integrated ISO 45001 compliance

Streamline processes, drive action and uncover risks with targeted digital auditing to make ISO 45001 compliance simple, natural and intuitive.

Comprehensive incident management

Report incidents, hazards or near-misses in seconds. The system creates workflows to manage these incidents, assigned to the right people.

A single source of truth

Store, categorise and share key OHS documents with workers, from new policies to standard operating procedures. Prove acknowledgement with built-in functionality.

Enable continuous improvement

A simple UX encourages your entire workforce to become risk reporters – promoting a culture of accountability and engagement supported by your entire organisation.

Drive and prove competence

Schedule and control training and identify and plug gaps with colour-coded competence matrices. Easily evidence training and competency to regulators.

Holistic reporting

View and report on untreated OHS risks, outstanding actions, upcoming audits, completed CAPA flows, and more with bespoke reporting.

A comprehensive, modular occupational health and safety toolkit

Fast, effective, targeted incident response

Handle any kind of occupational health and safety incident from the second it occurs with rapid reporting, response and remediation workflows.

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Complete risk control and oversight

Strengthen business assurance and compliance and consolidate risk data into a single, integrated enterprise risk management system. 

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Centralised audit platform to drive operational excellence

Uncover risks and opportunities with a smart end-to-end auditing platform, online and offline.

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Stamp out safety risks and prevent hazards returning

Optimise weak, risky and dangerous processes and permanently eliminate occupational health and safety hazards, risks and vulnerabilities.

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