Food safety software

Achieve stress-free BRC compliance with our food safety software.


How will FSQMS software benefit my business?

BRC compliance affects every part of your food business, from procurement and production to quality and safety. If you can’t comply fast enough, you could miss out on market opportunities or pose a safety risk to customers. Our Food Safety and Quality Management System (FSQMS) software gives you the speed and intelligence to lock down compliance in all operations.

One simple system

No need to juggle paperwork, emails and different software suppliers.

Protect your brand

Keep customers safe and happy by wiping out end-product problems.

Impress BRC auditors

Always be ready for audit with live evidence at your fingertips.

Choose the best suppliers

Check suppliers’ BRC compliance and update contracts quickly.

Software that lightens the load of BRC compliance

Group-wide document control

Complete product development and policy documents faster, only share the latest versions and get alerts when documents expire.

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Supplier audits

Monitor the BRC compliance and performance of everyone in your supply chain with just one system.

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Staff training checks

Track the expiry dates of training certifications and spot the knowledge gaps that affect staff performance.

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Automatic compliance admin

Document management, compliance gap analysis, training schedules and regulation updates can happen automatically.

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Multi-site visibility

Audit all your business locations remotely with online tools for evidence gathering and sharing.

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