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Returning to Work Safely - Coronavirus Awareness Course

Navigate getting back to work safely after lockdown

With businesses restarting and focusing on returning to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all heard a lot about the “new normal” but what might that look like for staff in your workplace? For many people, there is likely to be a level of anxiety associated with going back to work after the lockdown. This course will address many of the concerns your staff might have and offers tips on how to keep safe in the post-COVID-19 workplace.

Learning outcomes

Discover the key points of knowledge your staff will gain

Understand the different risk categories and how to navigate them

Recognise the challenges of travelling to work and ensure employees can decide what’s best for them

Establish the key prevention strategies in the workplace

Identify common touch points and recognise new signage in the workplace

Understand how, where and when to take breaks during the working day

Gain awareness of homeworking best practices


Realise the benefits e-learning will bring to your organisation

Helps learners prepare for the “new normal” at work and at home

Includes the latest government information

Uses engaging and informative animations and illustrations

Easy-to-digest information

Includes regular knowledge check questions to help reinforce the learning

Easy to track and audit company-wide training

Saves valuable time and resources

Provides automatic email reminders to prompt users to complete course

Police-approved secure platform with hourly data backups encrypted with AES-256 encryption


Find out what this course will cover

Life in the era of coronavirus overview

Getting to work and protecting yourself from risk of infection

Prevention, hygiene and social distancing in the workplace

Managing movement around the workplace

Exploring options for taking breaks

Essential working from home considerations

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