Renewable energy and advancing offshore wind: navigating key climate change legislation

Renewable energy and offshore wind is a key part of the UK government’s green industrial revolution 10 step plan to reach the zero carbon emissions target by 2050. Effectively managing new and existing EHS legislation in relation to climate change is central to the renewable energy sector.

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Our white paper talks in depth about the emergence of offshore wind and its potential in contributing to a carbon-free world. It looks at the Orkney Islands as the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) and where the potential health and safety challenges lie. The paper also discusses the legislative challenges surrounding Brexit and how our EHS compliance software can help to manage this.

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Key takeaways

The role of offshore wind to reduce carbon emissions

An overview of this exciting renewable energy sector and what the future might hold

Issues to address

The practical considerations that need to be considered

Use of rural areas

What the benefits and drawbacks are for the wider community

Compliance with environmental legislation

Details of legislative requirements that need to be adhered to

How EHS compliance software can help

Cut down the time, effort and cost in finding, translating and interpreting global compliance obligations

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