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Q-Pulse® NPI

Reduce risk and accelerate new product time to market.

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New Product Introduction (NPI) and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) are used to develop products and reduce risks associated with supply chains bringing new products to market. Companies that don’t plan NPI effectively create products that fail to meet their objectives, take longer and cost more to produce than expected.

Q-Pulse NPI is a customisable workflow app used by manufacturers to establish and manage a gated process for implementing new parts or assemblies. Q-Pulse NPI customers profit from a significant competitive advantage.

  • Accelerate new product time to market
  • Improve internal and supply chain resource planning
  • Minimise risk of failure and overrun costs in new product introduction
  • Resilience to execute shorter lead times, product revisions, modifications and improvements

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Q-Pulse NPI was previously provided by IPI Solutions as Visual NPI and Visual APQP. IPI Solutions was acquired by Ideagen Plc in December 2016. Read the press release.


Simple but powerful project management tool that manages process from request to make to final product, with all required documentation.

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Configure standard NPI workflows to match specific organisational processes.

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Progress dashboards and colour coding show where tasks are at risk.

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Individual task notifications and personal task gantt chart.

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Manage all documentation in a central hub.


Q-Pulse NPI integrates with Q-Pulse FAIR and Q-Pulse PPAP for additional time saving. Create evidence and documentation in app, held together in the Q-Pulse NPI hub.

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Q-Pulse OEM and Supply Chain Quality

Discover how Q-Pulse NPI can help you reduce risk and accelerate new product time to market.

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