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Q-Pulse® FAIR

Streamline, automate and mistake proof the first article inspection (FAI) process.

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Q-Pulse FAIR is used by more than 2500 users to improve productivity, efficiency and reliability of their quality inspection work. Required by AS9102 in the Aerospace industry and customer requirements in other manufacturing industries, FAIs validate that a product has been manufactured to the correct specification.

  • Reduce time and cost of producing FAIs
  • Meet customer requirements first time and on time
  • Manage multiple FAIs easier with increased visibility and accountability
  • Minimise tedious manual document creation


Streamline, automate and mistake proof the first article inspection process.

  • Quickly mark up / balloon a drawing electronically
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) reads specifications and engineering symbols direct from drawing
  • Automatic population of AS9102B and other forms
  • Visual mistake proofing allows you to quickly see where information is missing and results are outside tolerance
  • Import data from Bill of Materials, CMM, handwritten notes and 3D model
  • Manage multiple FAIs easily and efficiently
  • Easy to learn software with helper panel
Q-Pulse FAIR Ballooning Function Diagram
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Q-Pulse OEM and Supply Chain Quality

We measured one person using the software for a 28 week period working 40 hours per week. During that time the inspector produced 554 FAI templates Form 1,2 & 3 and ballooned the drawings ready for inspection use. Prior to the software this would have taken 8 hours per set of templates on average, this has now been reduced by 75% and takes 2 hours on average.

R Langford, Quality Systems Manager at Goodrich

AS9102 Compliance

Q-Pulse FAIR works by linking design requirement via an electronically ballooned drawing to AS9102B and or other customised forms. These requirements can be captured or data mined using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which speeds up the process dramatically and can read engineering symbols such as Ø and GD&T direct from the drawing.

Q-Pulse FAIR can help you manage material and process specifications along with their related customer approved suppliers. Each process and material will have a customer requirement, such as a certificate of conformance or a data card. Q-Pulse FAIR allows you to manage multiple and obsolete requirements. The related material and process information populates AS9102B form 2.

Q-Pulse FAIR also takes advantage of existing data created on your other business systems. For example, your ERP systems Bill of Materials (BOM) can be used to import the Bill of Materials data directly into AS9102B form 1 in Q-Pulse FAIR. Each child part within your assembly structure is identified thus ensuring that all FAI requirements are fulfilled. Another example of importing existing data would be to import results from your CMM. The CMM data populates AS9102B form 3 and or other customized forms with single or multiple results.

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Q-Pulse FAIR was previously known as Visual FAIR from IPI Solutions. IPI Solutions was acquired by Ideagen Plc in December 2016.

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