Aviation compliance software

Our aviation compliance software helps airlines, MROs and helicopter operators centralise and streamline the management of safety and quality-related processes.


Why should I use an electronic aviation safety management system?

Meeting strict industry regulations can create a huge workload and high pressure. Our aviation compliance solutions give airlines, airports, air traffic control, and repair and maintenance operators (MROs) an easier way to monitor compliance. By cutting the time and resources spent on admin, your business can focus more on high-quality service.

Make safety part of the culture

Support every day best practice with easy to use online tools.

Improve operational performance

Keep up with complex and changing regulations with less admin burden.

Impress your customers

Be known for consistently high standards across your whole business.

Always be ready for audit

All the evidence to prove your compliance is in one place and easy to find.

Complete regulatory alignment

Our aviation compliance solutions include and update all the regulations that apply to your business, across multiple territories.

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Centralised safety data

One system pulls safety data from across your organisation and turns it into business intelligence.

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Automated admin

Free people to focus on business performance and cut down the human errors that increase risk.

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Mobile audit tools

Improve the quality of captured data with observations and non-conformances captured at source.

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24/7 global support

Ideagen industry experts on hand to support your queries and compliance needs.

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Our Guide to Aviation Challenges in 2021 breaks down what this year and beyond holds for the world of aviation, and what you should do to help your organisation prepare.

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