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If something goes wrong in your aviation operation, what’s the best way to respond? How do you ensure the policies and procedures that your employees follow are the most modern and up-to-date, wherever they’re based? And how can you assess and control the hundreds of risks your organisation faces, and drive the right action and reporting to treat and mitigate them? Coruson, our enterprise cloud safety software, was developed to answer these questions.

Coruson is used by the world’s leading aviation organisations to manage their incidents and risks in a joined-up, integrated central system.  It encourages detailed reporting to give you complete visibility of your operation. It helps you manage quality and prove you’re hitting the demanding standards and regulations of the aviation industry. So how does it work?

Here are 9 key features you should know about.

1) End-to-end action management

Assign and track actions to completion, from near-miss investigations to document updates and scheduled audits. Stay on top with prompts and reminders to ensure nothing is missed.

2) Airtight document control

Eliminate cumbersome manual document processes. Distribute, categorise, acknowledge and revise documents quickly and simply from a single source of truth – from ground ops manuals to aircraft specifications and SOPs.

3) Capture the information you need with smart forms

Build a proactive quality culture with quick and easy reporting. Build smart forms to capture the data fields that matter to you – then make your tech teams, ground ops and cabin crew your eyes and ears. Attach evidence for complete documentation.

4) Integrated audit management

Build and complete audits in as much or as little depth as you need. Uncover risks, pinpoint improvement opportunities and act on findings.

5) Smart risk control

Build a central risk register with pictorial representations of your risk environment, including bowtie visualisation. Sharpen your operational risk management and gain the insight you need for ongoing quantification and continuous monitoring.

6) Secure, centralised data

In Coruson, every action and change you and your employees make is recorded and audit-trailed for complete compliance. Build accountability and visibility – and set bespoke viewing permissions for different users.

7) Powerful business intelligence

Build analytic reports on the fly to get under the skin of your safety performance. Slice and format data to uncover the trends that matter – from accident frequencies to outstanding document reviews. And add bespoke widgets to your Coruson Dashboard to keep on top of your KPIs.

8) Embedded compliance

Make risk management, robust investigation and continuous improvement natural and automatic. Simplify compliance – and prove you’re compliant to your regulators.

9) Remote and mobile access via browser and native app

Report incidents and faults immediately from anywhere with mobile functionality – whether that’s the cockpit, runway, hangar or non-airside areas. Connect your operation with a central, collaborative safety management platform that everyone supports.

Discover how our enterprise cloud safety software gives you complete control, visibility and real-time reporting of your aviation operation. Become safer, smarter and more competitive than ever with Ideagen's Coruson.

Written by

Alexander Pavlović

Alex produces targeted content to help Ideagen’s readers and customers navigate the complex world of quality, governance, risk and compliance.

Alex has worked with brands such as BT, Sodexo and Unilever and is passionate about helping businesses build a cohesive, collaborative culture of quality.