Agile Auditing: it’s all in the mindset

The past few years have brought extraordinary change in the business environment. As well as navigating the fallout of the global pandemic, organisations today are dealing with innumerable risks and ever tightening regulations. Whilst this undoubtedly poses a challenge for internal audit, it also provides a golden opportunity to evolve.

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How agile audit teams can create operational resilience

Our white paper delves into the changes that have occurred in the business world and how internal audit have the power to adapt along with that for the better. We look at how agile auditing works, what the benefits are and how it can help to manage contemporary risk. It also covers where technology comes in to facilitate this new way of working.

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Key takeaways

The meaning of agile audit

Find out what agile methods are all about.

Why it should be adopted as a mindset

How to think differently to make it work.

The benefits of using ‘agile’ principles

Discover how it will add value to your organisation.

The role of technology

How it can support you on your journey to greater internal audit agility.

Download our white paper

Find out more about getting into the mindset of agile auditing

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