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Enterprise cloud software that gives you complete control, visibility and real time reporting of every detail and aspect of safety and operational risk in your organisation.

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Coruson: Scalable, User-Friendly and Functionally Rich

A mainstay in Ideagen’s portfolio of governance, risk and compliance applications, Coruson has matured over the past two years and has many high-profile customers on board including the UK Rail Safety & Standards Board, Haeco, Johnson Matthey, Air Transat and Telefonica.

The application is fully productised, commercialised, and generally available.

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Coruson helps large enterprises in aviation, rail, advanced engineering, oil and gas and the chemicals industry to:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Manage safety, incident reporting and risk
  • Manage quality
  • Comply with standards and regulations
  • Safeguard reputation and brand
  • Manage change and achieve strategic objectives


Coruson is the most scalable, user friendly and functionally rich enterprise application for safety, operational risk and quality management. Seamlessly integrated capabilities include:

Action Management Icon
Action Management
Training and Competency Icon
Training and competency management
Document Control Icon
Document control and policy management
Incident Reporting Icon
Incident management and reporting including smart forms
Audit Management Icon
Audit management
Operational Risk Management Icon
Operational Risk Management (ORM) including bowtie visualisation
Change Control Icon
Change control
Performance Management Icon
Performance monitoring, business intelligence, analysis and dashboards
Business Process Modelling Icon
Business process automation
Configure Icon Icon
Configurable to your unique organisational processes and requirements
Mobile Access Icon
Remote and mobile access via browser or native app
Global Support Icon
Global support from Ideagen domain experts in aviation, rail, advanced engineering, oil and gas and chemicals

We are using Coruson for both operational reporting & for occupational health & safety reporting. We have witnessed an increase in the reports being raised, which in turn increases & improves our levels of data & ultimately helps us become a better and safer organisation.

Dennis Hui, General Manager of Quality, HAECO

Do you need to improve governance and control of safety, quality and operational risk?

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