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Product Overview

Ideagen's Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software solution fully integrates risk management processes, from identifying and assessing risk business-wide, to assigning and monitoring mitigation plans, all the way through to reporting and defining a long-term strategy for enhanced performance.

With Pentana Risk, businesses can establish an ERM framework that allows them to manage operational, financial, IT and strategic risks in a single, easy-to-use risk management system. Our innovative risk software solution provides real-time metrics on all aspects of risk, such as performance, processes and assets, ensuring that business leaders have complete visibility and are able to exercise agility in risk management.

Ideagen have been recognised as a CHALLENGER in Gartner's 2019 Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management report.

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Key features of our ERM software.

  • Risk

    Identify, analyse and evaluate risk with optimised heat maps and charts. Compare current risk status with original and target status to guide future decision making.

  • Performance

    Visualise performance against targets in real-time and perform data analysis on KPIs. Quickly identify risks through traffic-lighted gauges.

  • Charts

    Promote a more flexible, engaging and intelligent work environment, enabling you to employ greater accessibility, agility and deeper analytical awareness at an enterprise level.

  • Actions

    Consolidate all actions into streamlined milestones with the ability to track progress and set auto-reminders.

  • Appraisals

    Align strategic objectives to individual performance with personal dashboards for every employee, including overall score, weighted score and target performance.

  • Inform

    Proactively manage incidents with complete data capture, intuitive workflow, consolidated reporting, and investigative case management.

  • Policies

    Work collaboratively on draft policy reviews and simplify the publishing, distribution, approval and change control process.

  • Assess

    Improve collaboration and transparency in progressing recommendations with high-level reporting and executive dashboards for compliance and control objectives.

"Pentana Risk allows us to get crucial information in front of senior stakeholders through Portals and periodic reporting. Senior managers are fully engaged with the risk program and Pentana Risk enables this."

Huw Thomas, Enterprise Risk Manager, Admiral Group PLC

Business benefits of our risk software.

  • Business performance icon

    Improve business performance

    Increase your agility in making clear, calculated decisions that make your business more productive, and saves you time and money.

  • Compliance icon

    Ensure compliance with internal and external standards

    Implement effective risk management and ensure up-to-date compliance with ISO 31000, ISO 27001 and other industry standards.

  • Senior and executive level icon

    Engage with senior and executive level

    Provide complete visibility to senior managers and the Board, with personal dashboards and reports that allow for quick informed decisions.

  • Risk awareness icon

    Advance clear risk-awareness throughout your business

    Make risk a top consideration from top to bottom, and easily collaborate with any part of your organisation to instil mature risk management processes.

  • Intuitive UI icon

    Intuitive user interface

    Simplify risk management with an easy-to-use, feature-rich software application that takes less than a day to learn.

  • Reputation icon

    Safeguard company reputation

    Protect your business against damaging incidents and ensure you are recognised as a leader of the industry.

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Pentana Risk - Performance and Risk Management Software

Stephanie Jones

"Our risk management software provides a single version of the truth by integrating data from back office and third-party systems and so delivers clarity, control and the ability to make the right decisions with the right data."

Stephanie Jones, Product Manager at Ideagen

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