Enterprise Risk Management Software

Our enterprise risk management software delivers real-time visibility and control of your organisation’s risks. It helps you make informed decisions on threats and opportunities while improving business resilience and performance.


What is Pentana Risk?

Pentana Risk is our enterprise risk management software. It embeds mature risk management procedures within your organisation, so that you can improve strategic performance and better anticipate the threats and opportunities of the modern world. What's more, Pentana Risk supports organisations to meet targets, achieve objectives, and comply with regulations and standards. 

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How our ERM software can benefit your organisation

Improve business performance

Increase your agility in making clear, calculated decisions that make your business more productive, and saves you time and money.

Engage with senior and executive level

Provide complete visibility to senior managers and the Board, with personal dashboards and reports that allow for quick informed decisions.

Advance clear risk-awareness throughout your business

Make risk a top consideration from top to bottom, and easily collaborate with any part of your organisation to instil mature risk management processes.

Intuitive user interface

Simplify risk management with an easy-to-use, feature-rich software application that takes less than a day to learn.

Safeguard company reputation

Protect your business against damaging incidents and ensure you are recognised as a leader of the industry.

Comply with internal and external standards

Implement effective risk management and ensure up-to-date compliance with ISO 31000, ISO 27001 and other industry standards.

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Admiral Group plc streamline global risk management with Pentana Risk

Risk Management 

Transform risk management for the future. 

  • Minimise losses and protect your firm’s reputation 
  • Focus on priority and materiality to ensure effectiveness and credibility 
  • Understand your businesses needs and challenges 
  • Ensure risk frameworks are flexible and anticipate risk 
  • Turn risks into opportunities with proper controls, KRIs and reporting 

Compliance Management 

Automate compliance and focus on the big picture. 

  • React quickly to regulatory and legal changes to ensure compliance 
  • Automate administrative tasks and focus on value-add activities 
  • Implement a risk management strategy that syncs compliance and risk 
  • Keep up to date with the complex web of constantly evolving regulations 
  • Put in place proactive compliance measures such as best practices, employee training, internal controls, and benchmarking 

Policy Management 

Champion policy reform and seize new possibilities. 

  • Establish consistent processes for policy creation 
  • Create links between relevant policies to increase comprehension and encourage engagement 
  • Promote better governance through clear understanding of your organisation’s legal and regulatory requirements 
  • Create accountability by tracking all policy changes – when, why and bwhom 
  • Set deadlines for acceptance and monitor percentage sign-off of individuals and employee groups 

Performance Management 

Implement productive change and foster talent. 

  • Provide an integrated, organisation-wide repository for performance information, replacing scattered spreadsheets and documents 
  • Promote continuous improvement by setting individual and team goals aligned to the strategic goals of your organisation 
  • Monitor KPIs against targets and focus management on the measures that need attention 
  • Bring data to life so people can understand information at a glance 
  • Easily analyse changes in performance and identify trends over time 

Incident Management 

Move quickly and coordinate better responses to incidents. 

  • Plan, exercise and prepare for incidents of all categories 
  • Utilise workflows, templates and default actions ensure a consistent approach to feedback and incidents  
  • Automatically escalate unresolved incidents to the right people for quick resolution 
  • Profile complaints and incidents to easily investigate patterns and avoid recurrence 
  • Make sure necessary service improvements actually happen by linking to actions 

Project Management 

Keep projects on track under any given circumstances. 

  • Consolidate all action plans, initiatives, and key projects into one, accessible system 
  • Deliver powerful progress tracking facilities against deadlines and remind action owners when deadlines are approaching 
  • Align actions to corporate priorities and objectives so you can track progress alongside your overarching business strategy 
  • Easily review progress across multiple projects 
  • Add supporting documentation, commentary, expected outcomes and financial information 

Business Continuity Management 

Use business resiliency as a competitive advantage. 

  • Build a risk-prepared culture resilient to crises 
  • Fully understand your business and its key strategic risks 
  • Create clear lines of communication so that your team can move fast in an emergency 
  • Make the right decisions quickly, backed by real-time data 
  • Focus on your ability to recover and get results 


Advance risk-awareness throughout your business

Executive dashboards

Visualise real-time risk and performance data in interactive dashboards, RAG reports and balanced scorecards. Prioritise recommendations and record management response with ease.

Connect the dots

Connect strategic goals to risks and take a proactive view of risk management. Quickly compare current risk status to original and target risk. Automate email alerts of status changes, escalations, and reminders of planned risk assessments.

Centralise data

Synchronise data from business systems, spreadsheets and siloes in a single location. Utilise workflows, templates and default actions ensure consistent approach to feedback and incidents and consolidate organisation-wide training needs.

Powerful tracking

Track KRIs, KPIs and Continuous Controls to identify trends over time. Link audit recommendations to risks, controls and policies, and track progress and sign-off.


Make risk your business improvement driver


Identify, analyse and evaluate risk with optimised heat maps and charts. Compare current risk status with original and target status to guide future decision making.


Visualise performance against targets in real-time and perform data analysis on KPIs. Quickly identify risks through traffic-lighted gauges.


Promote a more flexible, engaging and intelligent work environment, enabling you to employ greater accessibility, agility and deeper analytical awareness at an enterprise level.


Consolidate all actions into streamlined milestones with the ability to track progress and set auto-reminders.


Align strategic objectives to individual performance with personal dashboards for every employee, including overall score, weighted score and target performance.


Proactively manage incidents with complete data capture, intuitive workflow, consolidated reporting, and investigative case management.


Work collaboratively on draft policy reviews and simplify the publishing, distribution, approval and change control process.


Improve collaboration and transparency in progressing recommendations with high-level reporting and executive dashboards for compliance and control objectives.

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