Operational resilience in financial services

A guide to the top 5 threats in 2022

What are the top 5 threats to operational resilience in financial services? With firms being expected to plan how they will respond to severe yet possible risks, it’s essential to understand the operational risk landscape as it continues to evolve.

Our free e-book outlines the main threats that you can expect to arise in 2022. It also provides a handy checklist of questions you should consider when addressing these threats.



Discover the top 5 threats to your operational resilience

1. Technological advancement

We explain how new developments in technology could potentially lead to operational breakdowns.

2. Evolving regulations

The regulatory landscape is in a state of flux. Find out the key areas of concern you need to know about.

3. Cybercrime

As cyberattacks are rife within the financial services sector, we reveal the common tactics of cybercriminals.

4. Climate change

Learn how changes to the environment can impact financial services activities and the stability of the financial system.

5. Fraud

Financial institutions are often vulnerable to fraudulent activities. Find out the types of fraud you must protect your business from.

And that’s not all

We delve into what operational resilience is, the benefits of being resilient, and how you can proactively handle these risks.

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Find out the top 5 threats that you may come up against in 2022.

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