Torbay Pharmaceuticals reduce staff workload via Q-Pulse's business intelligence capability, easing MHRA, ISO 9001 & 13485 requirements

Torbay Pharmaceuticals are experienced Q-Pulse users and have successfully maintained GMP compliance for their extensive range of products and also maintained certification to ISO 9001 and 13485.

Regulated by the MHRA, and compliant to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, they manufacture a range of Licensed and 'Special' pharmaceuticals, along with CE marked products. Committed to supplying and investing in the development of essential pharmaceuticals for over 35 years, Torbay Pharmaceuticals continue to deliver high levels of service and quality and strive to be the partner of choice.

In a bid to provide management information from the Q-Pulse system, Torbay Pharmaceuticals approached Ideagen with plans to introduce Business Intelligence functionality, a project that would see selected information from Q-Pulse pulled into a single dashboard available to all users. This would be used to aid the management of workload and provide senior management with a holistic view of the quality management system and how that contributed to the wider business objectives.


  • Quickly and easily assess staff workload, identifying where staff require support
  • Time savings through being able to surface information easily in a dashboard
  • Improved regulatory compliance achieved within existing budgets
  • Information pulled 'at the click of a button' making it easier to collate KPIs and other business metrics
  • Built up excellent working relationship with Gael’s Technical Services team

The BI dashboard is fantastic. In terms of workloads, I can now quickly and easily gain access and clearly see how the QMS is performing or if there are users whose workload is a concern. In a matter of minutes I can easily identify someone who may need support, and this can help keep the QMS moving in the right direction.

Natalie Moore - Quality Systems Manager
Torbay Pharmaceuticals

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